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Roller shutter
A fire roller shutter is a equipment which prevent the diffusion of fire from galley to mess room when it comes to fire at galley. When the temperature reaches to 72℃, the fusible link which is holding weight bar melt down and the slat comes down by the weight of bar.

* Features:
1. Name: Fire Roller shutter
2. Class: A-0
3. Material: SUS 304 / SUS 316
4. Certification: KR, ABS, LR, BV, GL, DNV, NK
5. Dimension
Size Width (mm) Height (mm)
Min. 600 600
Max. 2000 2000
Fire damper
1.Pneumatic Fire & Gas Damper :
This is to prevent fire and gas diffusion through duct. It is operated by pneumatic actuation and closed by spring
2. Electric Fire & Gas Damper
3. Automatic Fire Damper: Fuse set is attached

-Casing: Steel or Stainless steel (SUS 304 / SUS 306)
-Blades / Shafts: Steel or Stainless steel (SUS 304 / SUS 306)
-Pneumatic Actuator: Aluminum body and steel internal gear/rack
-Handle with Fuse set: Galvanized or Stainless steel sheet cover and fuse release unit
-Control panel: Steel or Stainless steel (SUS 304 / SUS 316) or Steel IP55grade standards 24V AC/DC, 120V/240V AC electric supply